About Us

Mesa Oil opened its doors in Albuquerque in 1981.  From a small operation we have expanded to open facilities in Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona.  We delivery fuel to customers in Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Wyoming and parts of Texas, Kansas and Nebraska.

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Mesa Environmental, a division of Mesa Oil recieves used or waste petroleum products and oil-contaminated water from both large- and small-quantity generators. Our fleet of vehicles includes everything from 4,000-gallon collection tankers to 7,000-gallon tractor trailer rigs.  Mesa Environmental also brings in used oil by rail.

We process raw products in an environmentally safe manner into many marketable items.  Our unique system of recycling and oily-water treatment is used at all three of our branches, ensuring consistent high-quality service and finished product.

Our integrated computerized system for tracking and scheduling customer pickups allows us to handle high volumes of customers without loss of quality service.

We track waste material from initial service, through collection and through the recycling process to ensure consistent service and product. This emphasis on quality and customer service has enabled Mesa Oil to grow and expand to provide for a growing list of major corporations while still providing for smaller local and regional companies.

The benefits of using Mesa Oil don’t stop at quality service, though. By recycling oil waste, companies reduce disposal costs and lessen their environmental impact and liability.