The Mesa Advantage

There are many suppliers of recycled used oil fuel. Dependable service, competitive pricing with a dependable supply and of course a quality high BTU burner fuel are what make Mesa Oil stand out from the crowd.

The Mesa Advantage — Burner Fuel Quality

Our expertise comes from over 30 years of operation using our unique internal processing technology to recover petroleum products. This expertise and our knowledge of used oil fuel as a unique product has allowed us to overcome inconsistencies through special filtration systems and finished product tank blending to insure a homogenous final product.  We understand the potential cost to our customers for down time from inconsistent fuel or from loss of production from lower that expected BTU’s.

The Mesa Advantage — Supply Consistency

Mesa Oil collect used oil from customers regionally and our three processing facilities are regionally placed.  Each facility has large storage capacity to insure an adequate volume of fuel is available to provide seasonal supplies.  Our contracted customers never have to worry about their fuel supply being interrupted.

The Mesa Advantage — Delivery Service

Dependable, quality service for all burner fuel is our priority. Our company-owned fleet of  trucks and trained company drivers deliver all of our burner fuel.  Mesa Oil has a dedicated trailers for the delivery of burner fuel “only” to insure a quality product.  We under stand timely delivery  is critical to prevent any down time for our customers.

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