Burner Fuel For Asphalt Plants

Mesa Oil has been providing fuel to hot mix plants for over 30 years, which has allowed us to learn the special requirements of this industry. Mesa Oil has it’s own fleet of trucks & trailers in order to control delivery, assuring our customers do not experience down time due to lack of fuel. Mesa Oil owns strategically located storage facilities with the capacity to store fuel to handle the irregular and seasonal demand of the asphalt industry. Mesa Oil has the quality control systems in place to insure a consistent fuel, which insures that our customers do not experience down time due to fuel problems such as water or filtration. The quality control systems in place also insure a quality high BTU product which equates to lower cost per ton to produce asphalt. Due to large storage capacity at each of our regionally located facilities we are capable of supplying the seasonal demands of asphalt paving. Mesa Oil will provide our bid to the contractor in advance of the contractor bidding the construction project. Mesa Oil will then contract for the project at the fixed bid price when the contractor is awarded the job.